At The Ark was set up as a support website in the UK in 2008 after it was disclosed that some of our children were sexually abused by a close family member. As a family, we felt alone, it seemed like we were the only ones that were going through this situation. We felt that there was nobody who was able to understand or offer us any help. We soon began to realise, there was a need in the community to support the families of this crime.

In 2010 we arrived to start our lives afresh in Australia and started At The Ark as a charity. Our Helping Hands Program tackles this problem head-on. Our trained volunteers support families from disclosure. They assess their needs and activate other organisations who can come alongside them. We support the families holistically, which means we support all the family members. This means, working with the families through the whole journey. Every family is different and each family have different needs. So, we don't put any family in a box and look at each family individually and see where we can help them. This approach helps families face their journey with us. They know that they have support and most of all they know that we understand the situation.

Our One in 5 Workshops and Seminars are designed to equip organisations, such as churches and families. So that they can support families better. They help to understand more about the issues that surround families and what to do when you suspect abuse. There is also a section on how to protect children. The whole point of these workshops is to equip you better.

Safe Ark Zone is a network of churches who take safeguarding our children seriously. It works hand in hand with the One in 5 seminars. At The Ark supports the churches as they support their families.

In July 2016, Xenia, one of the founders of At The Ark Inc, wrote the first book in a series called Brave Little Bear. In the first book, Brave Little Bear tells the story that the cute fluffy creature has had to travel. This book introduces self-protective behaviours to 3-year-olds through to 7-year-olds very simply. Even though it is confronting its aims to tackle it gently. Book 2 - 'Brave Little Bear, Too Big Not To Share' was released in July 2017. It has been written to equip 6-year-olds to preteens with more information. Brave Little Bear writes to children to give them instructions about what to do to protect oneself and what to do if the worst has already happened. Book 3 was released in January 2018. 'Brave Little Bear's Big Letter' is a letter to 'safe bears'. It's a book that has been written to help adults understand the importance of teaching self-protective behaviours. This book reveals how equipping our children empowers them and helps them to flourish into healthy adults.

This resource is a vital tool that will help to equip parents, carers, educators and other professionals the vocabulary to have those uncomfortable conversations more comfortably.

In February 2019 the Co Founder, Xenia, released her autobiography, this is the story of why At the Ark was formed and why Xenia is so passionate about protecting families and children. 

At The Ark Inc. became a registered charity in Queensland in 2010, we have full DGR status which means any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

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