How would you like to be involved in a network of churches that makes a stand for safeguarding our children?

This is an initiative that has been designed to support the church in having specific procedures set up within the organisation with relation to the safeguarding of children.

Too many stories of unsafe environments for children have surfaced throughout the church today. With this initiative churches will follow strict procedures with respect to those particularly associated with children; such as:

  •     Mandatory Blue Cards – or equivalent
  •     Procedures for the church’s duty of care to children, families, alleged offenders and convicted offenders
  •     Designated ‘Go To’ personnel not associated with leadership
  •     Follow up and maintenance procedures

These procedures will enable a safer environment for children, other members of the church, families, offenders and give the church a broader appeal to those outside of the church environment.

Churches who are part of the ‘Safe Ark Zone’ make a firm commitment to the victims for truth, humility and restoration for the victims and their families. Assistance to other persons throughout the church body who are effected through the ‘ripple’ affect and a response that is effective to those who have been accused or have been found guilty of child sexual abuse.

Whilst the Safe Ark Zone is no guarantee of child safety, it goes a long way toward the prevention of child sexual abuse from within the church and provides the community with an added peace of mind stating ‘We are investing in your child’s safety’

Our aim is to have the majority of churches of all denominations in the across our nation to become active members of the Safe Ark Zone.

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