Brave Little Bear's School Adventure

This Program is for schools and kindies, 3-7year olds.

Keeping children safe is everyone's job, including children.

It is so important to teach children self protective behaviours. The average age of sexual abuse starts around  8.5 -9      years of age, if we can teach our children before that age how to keep themselves safe then maybe we have a fighting  chance to improve the statistics.

This program has 4 different facets to it:

A school decides that they would like to work with this free program - the school would organise a First Defence   Workshop for parents, before the Xenia comes into the school. At the workshop parents can meet the author Xenia  Schembri, ask her questions about the program and learn some simple ways to protect their children.

Xenia will come into the school where she will take small groups of children, maybe up to 10 children depending on the teachers and principles wishes, she will give a 20 minute lesson which will include reading Brave Little Bear and speaking about the topics in the book, such as 'Safe people' Safe touch, and when its ok to say 'no'. She wil introduce the Brave Little Bear to the children for them to interact with.

There will be a small donation of books available to give to the school or to at-risk families associated with the school.

Every school will have the option to raise funds... for each book sold through the school a donation of $1 will go to the school. So, 300 books sold the school will recieve $300. The point of this is to get this book into as many families as possible. All proceeds from the books go straight back to the charity At The Ark Inc. to help them support more families.

If you are a Principle of a school and you would like to know more information please email

Little bear

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