After the trial the mixture of emotions will depend on what the outcome is.


All because you may have been given a not guilty verdict it does not mean that the defendant is innocent of the crimes or that the child was not believed. There are a number of reasons why the defendant may have been given that verdict, these may include; the simple fact that there was not enough solid evidence to convict, in other words it may mean one person's word against the other. The wording of the original charges may point to technicalities in the law, which may result in a not guilty verdict. The children may feel like they were not believed but it is important for them that you support them and make sure that they know that you believe them. Ultimately, this is the most important thing to them.


If the Jury could not reach a verdict unanimously, then the police may ask you and the child if you are willing to go to a retrial. If you decide to, the Crown Prosecution service will rearrange the trial when everybody is available to attend; this includes any forensic specialists, barristers, judge, doctors and other witnesses. This could take a few months before all these specialists have a sufficient time available to go to retrial. Even though this would be yet another set back and another tough time to go through, think carefully as to what decision you make. Ultimately remember this is all about the future of your child and any future healing. We suggest you talk to close friends and family members so that you are comfortable with the decision that you make.


A guilty verdict is the best possible verdict! The judge can decide whether to keep the defendant on remand or on bail until the sentence, which can take up to six weeks. This is to get reports about the defendants' ability and state of mind to face any possible incarceration.


This situation is a mixture of emotions even though the defendant may have been found not guilty on some charges he/she has been found guilty on others and you may have the prospect of a retrial on the rest of the charges. All we can tell you here is; as tough as it is stick with the truth and remember as we have said previously always look to what is best in the long term for you and your child/children.
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