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Brave Little Bear's Big Letter 

Brave Little Bear's Brave Big Letter is the third book in the Brave Little Bear Series. In this book, Brave Little Bear writes a very brave letter to 'safe big bears'. This helps Safe Bear's understand little bears better.  Especially little bears that have been through some kind of trauma such as sexual abuse. This book highlights the value of children and what they need to flourish and grow into healthy equipped adults.

This resource is a vital tool that will help to equip parents, carers, educators and other professionals with the vocabulary to have those uncomfortable conversations much more comfortably.

What People are saying about Brave Little Bear's Big Letter

Brave Big Letter is a must read for every teacher and parent who wants to know how to keep children safe and how to support children who may have experienced abuse.    All the key messages are wrapped up in a child's letter.  Simply extraordinary.
Lyn McKenzie
Teacher and Principal and 
Deputy Director-General for Education in Queensland (2009-2013)

(For Adults) Brave Little Bear's Big Letter helps explain things from a child's perspective. Beautifully written with wonderful insight, it will no doubt prove a useful and most welcome resource for adults on how a child might feel after suffering sexual abuse. It's a masterful addition to the Brave Little Bear's book series and it's an honour to have assisted with its publication. 
Cr Kristyn Boulton
Councillor for Division 4 - City of Gold Coast

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