Families in Crisis - We can not change the past but together we can change their future!

The ATA Helping Hands Program is all about lending OUR hands to families having to deal with the ‘fall out’ from child sexual abuse, family and domestic violence.

Personally, we know very well how difficult this situation is. Especially in the initial period, following disclosure.

You feel like you want to shut down and the last thing you want to do is ‘face the outside world’ to buy your groceries and trying to deal with different appointments with police, social workers, doctors etc. the jobs around the house tend to get left.

We have trained volunteers (H3’s) who will go and visit families at a time that is convenient. H3’s makes sure that families are getting their needs met by making sure that specific organisations that will help the family are involved. They will also assess if there are any needs that ATA can meet. I.E. food parcels, lawn mowing, laundry pick-ups. These services are not means tested, it doesn’t matter if you earn $10,000 pa or $100,000 the emotions are still the same.

Please contact us 1300 504 501 for more information and referrals

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