Families – We believe in families. Those dealing with the ‘fall out’ of child sexual abuse  need to feel that there is a hope of life after abuse!

  • Our Helping Hands Program supports them practically with food parcels and helping with general household duties. Our volunteers help to pull in other organisations that can help to get their needs met throughout their journey.

Community – The Community that surrounds these families are an important part of their healing. Their understanding on the subject is crucial and the help that the community can give will up-hold families during the initial time of disclosure.

  • We also value the community spirit during fundraising events and awareness days. It is our strong belief the more people who are wiling to be a voice to stand up for the voiceless, the better chance we have to move the issue of child sexual abuse out from behind close doors and into the light where we can actively make a difference in our communities

Church – Over an extended period of time for one reason or another,  some deserved and some not, the church  as a whole has been criticized for its stance on this very important issue.

  • It is our view, that it is high time that the church and its leadership stand up and be counted showing the community at large that they clearly value children and take safeguarding them extremely seriously.
  • As such we have developed particular programs and procedures designed specifically for churches, schools and other organisations.
  • These programs outlined as our ‘Speaking the Unspeakable’ seminars and Safe Ark Zone enable those whom care for children in any capacity to have specific safeguards and procedures in place, with ongoing support via ATA.
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